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Bali Long Peppercorns

Ball Long peppercorns look like tiny cattails and once ground, roasted or simply snapped In two, they release an incredible floral bouquet. The scent of these peppers is so earthy and complex that it goes beyond what would normally be called 'floral bouquet". This is the bouquet of the entire forest: flowers, trees, soil and all. The flavour has a depth and complexity has a depth not found in regular peppercorns, simultaneously releasing an earthy pungency (heat) and a sweet hint of cardamom and nutmeg and a slight fruitiness. Since long pepper is more pungent than black pepper, it adds a greater depth of spiciness and will be appreciated by those who enjoy the flavour of freshly ground pepper. These most special of peppercorns can be crushed using a mortar and pestle or ground in a spice mill, and used in any recipe calling for regular black peppercorns. We particularly liked the way they flavoured skirt steaks and Bloody Marys, and they looked (and tasted) lovely when crushed and sprinkled onto sliced goat cheese.

Bali Long Peppercorns - Bulk Bag 1KG - $65.00

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